Rate Card

Voice Over Rate Card

If you would like my voice on your project, then this rate card will give you an general sense of my pricing structure.

There are multiples of variables when producing voiceovers; format, distribution, audience, broadcast medium, usage fees etc etc.

So as with any rate card, this is purely a baseline guide. Get in touch to request a quote, and I’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

My rates are in line with the actors and performers union – Equity

Television: Narration, Ads, Promos, Stings etc

Basic Session Fee (BSF) starts at £300 per hour plus usage fees. For all television enquiries, be they for a programme narration, ads/commercial VO, promos, stings, trails etc, please get in touch to request a quote

Radio: Commercials that are local, regional or national. This includes tags

Basic Session Fee (BSF) starts at £200 per hour plus usage fees. Let me know the number of stations and length of campaign etc for a bespoke quote. Different rules may apply if you are the radio station that’s producing.

Corporate Video: (Promo, Industrial, Training Video)

(For small businesses with a distribution/potential audience to reflect the same. For larger businesses with a larger audience/distribution, additional usage fees will apply)

1min – £75

2min – £100

3min – £125

4min – £150

5min – £175

6min – £200

7min – £225

8min – £250

9min – £275

10min – £300

Longer? Please contact me for a bespoke quote.

Telephony (on-hold, IVR, menu prompts etc)

On Hold – As per corporate rates

Per Prompt  – £5 [i.e. Short prompts, not long sentences/paragraphs. Minimum session fee of £50 for prompt-only voiceover scripts; then £5 per prompt thereafter.]

Per Project/Monthly Custom Rate. Contact me for details.

Voiceover For Smartphone Apps

Please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

E-Learning (distance learning, CD production etc)

Based on corporate rates – please contact me with your word count, client info, usage, scale of distribution, planned usage territories etc for a bespoke quote.

Web (audio/video welcome message, navigation aide, tutorial, flash demo etc)

Please see Corporate rates above.

Longer, or require ongoing audio production? – Contact me for a bespoke quote on voice over rates.

Usage Fees

Usage fees (sometimes also known as buy-out fees) are additional fees payable to the voice artist for the ongoing use of their voice recording.

If you have commissioned a voice recording for use solely within your own organisation, for example a staff training film, then usage fees may not apply. Whereas if a recording is commissioned for use in the public domain, there will usually be usage fees payable to the artist. The public domain includes all instances where the voice recording is accessible by the public in some way. Examples include TV shows, films, commercials, radio broadcasts, public websites and in-flight presentations. Usage fees are usually also payable for recordings used in video games, in-store broadcasts, exhibitions, events and museum audio tours. Please get in touch to request a quote.


How to pay

Payments accepted via Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card (Stripe) and PayPal. Handling fees may apply. Currencies accepted – Sterling (£), Euro (€) and US Dollar ($).