What Should I Pay

A Guide To Voiceover Rates

Hiring an experienced professional voiceover artist can be an investment that pays dividends. But what do you pay? It’s an age old question that producers/clients ask on an almost daily basis.

Normally clients pay a rate dependent on the experience of the voiceover (all voiceovers are different) and the equipment they are using to get the job done. The more experience, the better the studio – the higher the voiceover rate will be. Also variables like usage (radio & tv), audience size and length of script play a part.

So what do I charge?

I normally work to an hourly rate between £100 – £350 per hour. The minimum charge is a 1 hour fee. This covers the basic studio session fee.

When my voice is used in the public domain a usage fee or buyout fee is negotiated. This includes TV, Radio, websites, social media, in store announcement systems and anything that the general public may hear. If it’s a TVR usage deal, then the price is worked out according to the standard maths at usefee.tv, an industry standard for us voiceovers.

If you require me to come to your studio of choice the fee includes travel within the M25, if it’s outside then travel expenses will be charged at cost. If you require IPDTL, Source Connect or hire of a studio in London – then a hire fee of £40 per hour will be added to the final charge.

Please see my rate card for a detailed breakdown or get in touch to request a quote.

I am a professional voiceover, with over 10 years experience in the field – this isn’t a hobby for me, I take my career very seriously and have great pride in delivering the best voiceovers for my customers. If you are a non-profit making organisation or a charity, then different rules apply. Please contact me to discuss your projects.



Payments accepted via Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card (Stripe) and PayPal. Handling fees may apply. Currencies accepted – Sterling (£), Euro (€) and US Dollar ($).